Bernie Yoga, Yoga Instruction in Libertyville, Buffalo Grove & Round Lake Beach

Bernie Yoga welcomes you.

At Bernie Yoga, our philosophy is what sets us apart – we’re not simply a yoga class but rather a group of yoga believers in Lake County, Illinois.

Bernardo Isacovici teaches this group and embraces all the people who come to learn yoga, effectively fostering a love for peace, harmony, and wellness.

Bernie Yoga

Photo Credit: Robert Sturman

About the Instructor

Bernardo Isacovici is a professional yoga instructor originally from Quito, Ecuador, now residing in Northern Illinois.

He has more than 5 years of experience doing yoga.

What started as a personal journey to finding happiness and fulfillment in life soon became a way of life he is passionate about.

He has completed 8 marathons and 14 half marathons, took yoga teacher training, and now offers classes on a variety of yoga types including Yin Restorative Yoga, SUP Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, etc.

His aim is not just to instruct his learners on yoga, but rather to share the health, peace, and love that stems from yoga and meditation, helping others change their lives for the better like he changed his own.

Apart from yoga, Bernardo enjoys spending quality time with his family – a wife and two children.

When he’s not teaching at his yoga classes, he pursues his career as a lawyer by defending people’s rights in court, or he spends time running or blogging.

Join the Bernie Yoga Community

Anyone is welcome. Whether you’re just starting the journey towards positivity through yoga or have been meditating for a while now, everyone is welcome to be a part of the Bernie Yoga Chicago yoga community and indulge in their passion.

Bernardo is extremely friendly and supportive towards his learners, and yoga with him becomes easy and enjoyable.

That is what Bernie Yoga is all about.